India Denley
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Hi I’m India Denley

Your mindset coach and wellbeing mentor. Using the power of the mind, I help ambitious women crack on with their burning ideas, without the anxieties and insecurities.

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I bet you know what it feels like to care so much about the work you do.

It’s exciting and infuriating at the same time, never allowing you to complete your to-do list or feel fully ‘finished’ with a project.

If you just complete one more task, take one more course and go to one more networking event, you’ll have met your expectations. And when the self-doubt never goes? It was probably because you weren’t trying hard enough. ‘I’ll work through the night’ you think, and the cycle begins again.

Working ourselves into the ground in the pursuit of ‘perfect’ is a habit we’re falling into and it’s damaging - to our mental health, our physical health, and our relationships.


I know this feeling all too well. From my very first day in a ‘career job’, I was anxious and overwhelmed by the desperate need to prove myself. Life became exclusively about chasing perfection, and yet I was never happy with the work I produced.


I knew I had so much potential and so much more to give, so why wasn’t that belief in myself showing up when I needed it most?


My confidence shrank along with the big plans I once had for myself and the feeling of disappointing people weighed heavy on my shoulders. Everyday I was stressed, adrenaline fuelled and frantic. As time went on my stress got worse, eventually leading to anxiety and panic attacks. I struggled through this for a few years before finally realising I needed to take real action towards improving my mindset.


As it turns out, I wasn’t alone.


In the past year, 74% of people have been so stressed they’ve felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.


And even more shockingly….

Anxiety and stress were reported almost twice as high in women than in men.

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Our sense of well-being is one of the most important things we have, if not the most important. What we believe about ourselves influences everything; how we interact with others, how we view the world, and what actions we take on a daily basis.

Our wellbeing determines whether we go through life defensive and stressed or care-free and singing in the shower.


And here’s the thing:

You don’t have to reach burnout before making a change.



Imagine if more of us stopped this cycle of anxiety sooner, those stats would look very different.



Busy wouldn’t be so glorified.


The standards we set for ourselves wouldn’t be so unrealistic.


Our self-worth wouldn’t be determined by our achievements.




We’d live more freely, more confidently and be more energised.



Taking responsibility for my own wellbeing meant making some major mindset changes and finding a new career.


I went on to get a job in a totally new industry, working with one of the world’s most influential wellbeing researchers.


It was there that I developed an understanding of the science behind our wellbeing, what’s happening chemically in the brain, how it’s measured, what it means to be truly ‘well’ and the roles mindfulness, empathy and compassion play in the equation.

After immersing myself in the research, I went on to put the theory into practice and got my International Certification in Life Coaching.

I now work with women just like you, to prioritise and optimise your wellbeing, so that you can feel energised and confident day to day, in the pursuit of things that really matter.

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To support you in making mindset changes of your own I use a mix of:

  1. Mindfulness techniques

  2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  3. Positive Psychology

Together, we create a plan that moves you away from self-doubt, and towards a calm and confident mindset. Over 3 months we rework limiting beliefs, break down the cycle of perfectionism, and channel this fresh energy into goals that have real meaning to you.


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