How I became a coach and how you can too

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The decision to study to become a life coach was a big, bushy and confusing one and who to train with was even hairier. I didn't know if coaching could really be a career or who was credible and trustworthy in a sea of courses. That is, until I found the life coaching course and community Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA). 

I first spotted the BYCA in July 2017. As I inched closer I reached out to a graduate and asked all my burning questions. By October 2017 I was signed up and from February 2018 I can honestly say, as cheesy and cliched as it sounds, my life changed for the better.

I would describe BYCA as more of a life experience than a course. Why? Because sure, you study, and yes, you listen to lectures, and of course, there are assignments. But there was so much I gained from the 6 months that I could never have predicted and that have carried me forward in both life and work. Please, dear curious friend inching closer like my 2017 self, allow me to share a little more about how BYCA brought so much good to me, and what good it could bring to you too, with my bonus offer.

What I loved most about the course

Skills, skills, skills

BYCA gave me skills to actually help people and have productive and insightful conversations with my clients and even with friends and family. I now feel armed with skills, tools and structure that I can use with anyone in any conversation, but of course, in a coaching series with those clients that are directly suited to me and my personal coaching style.

The Trainers

The course trainers genuinely love what they do and it really comes through. You can’t help but absorb their enthusiasm and drive. They are examples of what you can become, and each demonstrates just how fulfilled they are by their work as a coach and BYCA trainer in every interaction you have.

The Werk

The amount of material you can get stuck into with BYCA is immense. I loved that every module had it’s essential reading, lectures and live discussion, but then beyond that you can keep digging. If a particular topic interests you more, or once you’ve finished the course and you want to learn more, there is so much more. From external speakers and extra reading to the facebook discussions and online graduate portal. BYCA just. keeps. giving!

The Fun Times

I don’t mean to sounds cheesy but when I say it is fun, I really mean it. Julie and the other trainers are light hearted, passionate and create a genuinely enjoyable environment on the live calls and in all their other touch points. They get shit done, have progressive, insightful conversations, and they make you laugh while you learn.

The Support

The course provides so many opportunities to ask questions and I took full advantage. Online, in the live calls, within the course website and within the wider BYCA community. If you have a question it WILL get answered, and in an inspiring, clear and thorough way.

The Community

This being an online course has literally zero limits on meeting other coaches. Since signing up to the course I have met over 60 new people and have created genuine friends and business buddies. There are multiple opportunities to meet the trainers and other coaches at the Inspiration Day, local meet ups, organised course events and on social media. I even met a few coaches on social media and over Skype before I started the course and have connected with coaches in Australia, New Zealand, Copenhagen, the UK and the US. We’re a sociable bunch, and I flippin’ love being one of them!

By the end of my training I felt

  • Excited to make use of all my new skills

  • Accomplished for both finishing the course and working with 3 clients before the end

  • Armed with a clear action plan for kicking off my business

  • A real sense of camaraderie and community

  • Ready to kick off a new chapter of my life and immerse myself in a new challenge

  • Ready to start working with my ideal clients and charge for those services

  • Inspired to design a brand and website that would really hit the mark

  • Clear on who I wanted to work with and how I was going to help them

  • Supported beyond the course by the BYCA community and my specific course mates

  • The sense of purpose after months of feeling confused about my career

Choosing to study with BYCA didn’t just give me the skills and tools to life coach; it opened up a new way of viewing and communicating with others, the guidance I needed to start a business and a new found confidence.

Get in touch with your questions

If you’re currently contemplating whether life coaching is something you’re interested in or which course to choose then get in touch with your questions, let me hear your concerns and let’s figure out what’s right for you.

Ready to sign up?

If you’re already sure you want to sign up then allow me to introduce my bonus offer. I have teamed up with BYCA to bring you a free coaching series when you sign up for the course with me. By quoting my name in the sign up form you will receive my 3 month coaching package for FREE!

This includes:


  • Pre-coaching questionnaire

  • 1 x kick off goal setting session - via Skype or phone

  • 5 x coaching sessions: support, reflection and strategising - via Skype or phone

  • Fortnightly email reminders and check ins

  • Unlimited email and Whatsapp support

  • Worksheets and resources

Transform your mindset to one that puts self-compassion at it’s core, completely rework your relationship with anxiety to a place of acceptance and empowerment, and feel armed with the tools you need to thrive, even when shit hits the fan. 

All while working on goals that have real meaning to you. *Side effects include new found confidence, self-love and peace of mind.

Normally worth: £650

The details

  • Get in touch before you sign up so we can make sure I am the right coach for you and we’ll get you signed up and on the way to your own transformation. Email me at

  • Your coaching series with me will count towards your certification if you plan to become a Certified Coach in the future.

  • We can start anytime after the refund period of the course (roughly 1 month after the start date). Having said that, BYCA and myself recommend you start our coaching series after you have completed the course so that you can devote 110% of your time and energy to the course itself.

  • I am able to provide this juicy offer because I receive a ‘kick back’ for every student that enrols through me. I couldn’t be more delighted to be a BYCA affiliate as the course honestly changed my life for the better.

  • When registering for the course, in order to receive this offer you will need to enter my name (India Denley Williams) into the ‘code’ section.

India Williams