What is life coaching?

Put simply, a life coach is someone who helps a client to attain their goals and live life to it’s fullest.

Life Coaching is an empowering process, that supports you through a personal transformation of some kind. We work together to achieve your goals through carefully curated steps, breaking down any barriers along the way, and building your confidence in their place. No matter what you want to achieve, it’s a journey filled with self-discovery, self-development, possibly some challenges and a lot of fun.

A life coach works directly with you in a structured way to assess what your individual needs are right now and to help you make the changes required to live up to your fullest potential.

who are you?

I am a Life Coach and Wellbeing Research Support Assistant. Previously I worked in the graphic design industry and realised that burnout, anxiety and perfectionism seemed to be ingrained in so many high-achieving people. Seeing that, I decided to make the leap over to the world of psychology, combining wellbeing research with coaching, to help driven women do what they love with confidence, energy and peace of mind.

I now work with people who feel overwhelmed and anxious by their job, side hustle or relationships but know they are capable of so much more once those feeling of stress are gone. These people are striving for a life they are inspired to live; one they feel is vibrant and happy, filled with meaning and sees them going to bed each night feeling genuinely fulfilled.

I believe everyone can, and should, live a life that fills them with joy and boosts their self-belief; and I cannot wait to help each client I work with reach this place.

How does Life Coaching work?

Pre-coaching Questionnaire If you are interested in moving forward with a coaching series you will need to complete a pre-coaching questionnaire, the link to which can be found here. The questionnaire will ask some thought-provoking questions to shed light on what you’d most like to get out of coaching.

Complimentary Clarity Call This is a 30 minute call where we will talk further about your questionnaire and the exciting things you want to achieve. This is a great way to get to know each other and see if we’d be a good match for coaching. Please note there is no obligation at this stage whilst you work out what’s right for you. This will be a video call via Skype. 

Coaching Series Begins If we are both happy to move ahead after our chat then the series will officially begin! You will be asked to sign and return my coaching agreement prior to our first official session. 

Fortnightly Calls Throughout the 12 week coaching series we will have 6 x one-hour coaching sessions every fortnight. These will be audio calls.

Email Support Over the 12 weeks I will be available over email to offer additional support in between our coaching calls. These email exchanges can prove to be really helpful and play an important role in hitting the ground running in our calls.

Final Coaching Call At the end our coaching series we will have our final call together, which will be an amazing opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge all you have achieved throughout the series. We will also take the opportunity to discuss life after the coaching series and how you can continue to thrive.

What do I need to do?

If you decide to go ahead with a coaching series it is expected that you are fully committed to the calls, to the goals you set for yourself and to putting in the work between our conversations. You are doing this for you, and the more you put into the series the more you will reap!

how much does it cost?

3 month Wellbeing and Mindset Coaching package: £280
1 off session: £80

I’m in - what are the next steps?

Fantastic! When you are ready to proceed, please fill out the pre-coaching questionnaire here and we’ll book in your complimentary call.