India Denley



Mindset and Wellbeing Coaching

3 months. 6 sessions. a total wellbeing and mindset overhaul!

Transform your mindset to one that puts self-compassion at it’s core, completely rework your relationship with anxiety to a place of acceptance and empowerment, and feel armed with the tools you need to thrive, even when shit hits the fan.

All while working on goals that have real meaning to you. *Side effects include new found confidence, self-love and peace of mind.

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sarah, uk

“India is a dream come true: she’s positive, personable, and passionate – about you! Our sessions have really helped me to see my true potential and have given me the confidence I needed. I’ve started to reframe my thinking, meaning that I turn ‘I’m not good enough’ into ‘what if?’”


You’re in the right place if:

  • You feel easily overwhelmed or worried and those feelings stop you from taking positive action

  • You find yourself having self-critical thoughts that knock your confidence

  • Your high standards for yourself and need for perfection make it challenging to feel good about yourself and your abilities

  • You often feel stressed because you lack the belief in yourself to do well

  • You feel like you’re falling behind, no matter how much other people reassure you

  • You fixate on failures and criticisms, to a point where is holds you back and you lose sight of the successes

  • You procrastinate because your standards are so high that you don’t want to face the task and ‘what if I it fails?’

  • At this point you’re frustrated and just need to get on with those niggling ideas and goals of yours

Instead you want:

  • Confidence in yourself to take action, stand up for yourself and make clear decisions

  • Control over of your anxiety so that it’s no longer impacting your behaviours

  • To be moving forward on a path that you’re flippin’ excited about

  • The ability to choose your thoughts and beliefs in a way that supports you, your confidence and your goals

  • A mental tool-kit that you can carry with you for life’s various ups and downs

  • Resilience for the bad days, the good days and the less-than-lovely people that you deal with day-to-day


A mentor that’s determined to help you...

  • genuinely like and accept yourself as you are TODAY

  • believe in your abilities and your potential to figure-it-out

  • live more confidently, freely and calmly that you can get on with this life thing knowing you can handle whatever comes your way.

And all in a practical, bitesized, science backed format, with you in the driver’s seat the entire way.

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jacqui, Australia

“I feel much more confident and have gained perspective. I have a much more positive outlook, and have been able to set some new goals, bringing that purpose back to my life. It was helpful, enlightening and very needed.”

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the 3 month package includes:

1. Pre-coaching questionnaire

Designed to get you thinking about the crux of your current struggles, begin to establish some areas for improvement and help me to understand if we are a good fit for one another.

2. Free 30 minute consultation call - via Skype or phone

A chance for you to chat in more detail about your struggles and goals, and to work out if you feel we’re a match. This is a zero obligation call, so if you don’t feel we’re a good fit, no problem.

3. A kick off goal setting session - via Skype or phone

During out first session we’ll dissect your questionnaire in more detail, discuss thought provoking questions and identify the areas of your life that need the most TLC, setting the foundations for your coaching series. By the end of this session you will have established 2 juicy goals that you will work on over the next 3 months. You’ll leave this session with clear actions towards those goals and feeling excited and motivated to make changes in your mindset, wellbeing and life as a whole.

4. 5 x coaching sessions: support, reflection and strategising - via Skype or phone

Each fortnight we’ll reflect on your progress and set new strategies for the coming weeks. Every session is different and specifically designed to your individual needs and circumstances. In these sessions we’ll break down limiting beliefs, identify areas of perfectionism, discuss CBT, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology tools that will guide you towards greater confidence and so much more. By the end of each of these sessions you’ll leave with new insights about yourself, new tools to experiment with, and new actions towards your overarching goals.

5. Fortnightly email reminders and check ins

So you don’t miss a thing I send out an email between every session with reminders of topics we covered, checking in on your progress and any additional resources we may have discussed

6. Unlimited email and Whatsapp support

Day or night, whenever you have an idea, query or breakthrough, I’m here for you.

7. Worksheets and resources

As and when needed I provide worksheets, videos, podcasts, book recommendations and much more to support you in your wellbeing and mindset coaching series.


Together we create a plan specifically for you that:

  • Reduces anxiousness, insecurities and self-doubt

  • Tackles the quality of your thoughts so that they support how you want to feel day-to-day

  • Reworks limiting beliefs

  • Breaks down the cycle of perfectionism

  • Holds you accountable

  • Gets you in action towards goals that have real meaning to you


Ready to get in touch?

Follow the link below and answer a pre-coaching questionnaire so that I can learn more about you. I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to set up a free consultation call where we’ll discuss what you’re hoping to achieve throughout our work together and determine if we’re a good fit. Talk soon!

Teresa - final.png

teresa, australia

“I now feel so much more in control of how I feel, and have the ability to choose what I think, believe and do. That in itself has boosted my confidence and given me so much more energy to put into my business and the challenges that come with it.”


gail, uk

“Since working with India I am FAR kinder to myself! I am less stressed and anxious, and i’m not as obsessively worried about ‘sorting my life out’ anymore.”